Ramona Quimby, Age 8

Written by Beverly Cleary
Illustrated by Alan Tiegreen

Reviewed by Sobhan S. (age 10)

Do you like stories that are exciting? If you do you will like this one. This story is about Ramona having trouble at school. Ramona threw up in class then all her classmates closed their noses and ran out of class. Ramonaís mom picked her up from school. Ramona was sick at home. She had to stay inside. One day her dadís car broke down so the family was stuck. Ramona and her sister Beezus had to cook dinner for the family. Then they made a big mess. Ramona has to learn a lesson that she needs to eat what her mother cooks.

I think this book is a surprising book like when Mrs. Quimby served tongue for dinner. I do like this book because, it is fun to read and watch the characters learn their lessons. My favorite part is when Ramona broke an egg on her head because everyone laughed and it was funny to me. One of the best characters is Ramona because she is clumsy, funny, mean, and, sometimes shy. This character reminds me of Junie B. Jones. She is clumsy like Ramona.

I recommend this book to kids who are 9 or 10 years old. I think the readers will like the characters because the characters can be funny and some people like funny characters.

Sobhan S. is a student in Mrs. Bahen's 3rd Grade Class