Ramona Quimby, Age 8

Written by Beverly Cleary
Illustrated by Alan Tiegreen

Reviewed by Hana B. (age 9)

Do you like reading realistic fiction chapter books? If so, you should read Ramona Quimby age 8. This book is about Ramona, who is in third grade. It's all about how she handles her accidents in school and how she handles a bully called Yard Ape. Ramona is a very good person except she likes correcting people. Ramona and Beezus, her sister, ate tongue that their mother cooked and they didnít like it so they had to cook their own dinner the next day! One of the most hilarious parts was at school when Ramona broke an egg on her own head!

I think that this book is the most hilarious book because Ramona always does something silly at school like when she threw up in class. I like this book because I had an easy time reading it and it was so adventurous. The best character was Ramona because she did so many unbelievable things that as I was reading along, I had to laugh out loud. Ramona reminds me of Junie B. Jones because Ramona had some accidents like Junie B. Jones. Like the day when Junie B. puked at school. Both characters also dress alike. The book reminds me of my life at school because one day I threw up and had to go home.This book is part of a series about Ramonaís family.

I would recommend this book because the words are easy to understand. I would recommend this book to kids aged 8-9. It is suitable for girls and boys. People will like this book because the characters make some mistakes and when they try to fix them, their problems only get worse.

Hana B. is a student in Mrs. Bahen's 3rd Grade Class