Olivia Helps with Christmas

Written by Ian Falconer

Reviewed by Monserrate (age 8)

Olivia Helps with Christmas illustration will appear here.

I liked the book “Olivia helps with Christmas” because Olivia is funny and likes to do magic tricks. It was very funny when she fed William lunch, because she gave him too much pie.

Olivia loved to help her mother, by helping to set up the Christmas lights and to trim the Christmas tree. I think that is a nice thing about Olivia. Olivia is patient to her mom. I help my mom too by sweeping.

I like that Olivia likes to make cookies. I also like that she is excited about Christmas, like when she ran down the stairs with her family. It is nice that she was happy. It was also funny when her dog ate the cookies! Cool.

I didn’t like it when Olivia kept looking out the window to wait for Santa because Santa is not going to come unless she is sleeping.

I would recommend this book to Brian because it was funny when Olivia got tangled in the lights. Old people will like this because the book has very nice pictures.

Monserrate is a member in New York Cares/Island School Reading Club's Wash Your Hands in the Toliet Book Club (2011-2012)