Turtle and Snake's Day at the Beach

Written by Kate Spohn • Illustrated by Kate Spohn

Reviewed by valeska s (age 9)

In the book, a snake and turtle wanted to go to the beach. The turtle got his car and drove to the beach. He took a lot of supplies. When they got there, it said “Sand Castle Contest at 3 o’clock.” They knew the contest wouldn’t start now, so they went on the surfboards and on the waves. Then the contest began, so the turtle and the snake started to make a big castle. After they made it, the water wave splashed on it and everything made a big mess. They almost lost, but other people went and helped them build a big BIG sand castle. In the end, everybody got a ribbon as a prize.

It was a good book because it involved the beach and I like going to the beach. I also like playing in the water just like the turtle and the snake. When I go in the water with the air arms, I feel like I’m flying! Sometimes I don’t like going to the beach because once a crab bit my toe.

I think girls and boys that are five and six year olds should read this book because they might like going to the beach. Nine year olds might think it is too boring. Older people probably don’t want to go in the water because they just lay around and talk. I think kids will like it because the pictures are colorful.

valeska s is a member in New York Cares/Island School Reading Club's Wash Your Hands in the Toliet Book Club (2011-2012)