The War with Grandpa

Written by Robert Kimmel Smith • Illustrated by Richard Lauter

Reviewed by Samantha B. (age 8)

In this story, an eleven year old boy named Peter but his Grandfather called him Pete had his grandfather move in with him since the grandfather had a hurt leg and the grandma died and the grandpa was so sad. The grandpa steals Peteís room so Pete has to go to the third floor, and he is scared and lonely because no one else sleeps up there So, Pete gets in a war with his grandpa over his old room and write notes to each other they were serious.

This book is sort of emotional because the end is happy, but the beginning is sort of mad. It is sort of serious. My favorite character is Grandpa because he pulls the best tricks on Pete.

My favorite part is when the grandpa at night hides all of Peteís socks and he has to treasure hunt and he has to go to school and he doesnít like being late for school. This is the most surprising part of the story because you donít think a grandpa would do that and get up that late at night.

I think this was a great book and if you like to read realistic fiction or have ever had a relative move in with you. Do what the grandpa did it would be funny but donít start a war with them.

Samantha B. is a student in Mrs. Mantie's K-6th Grade Class