Wolves of the Beyond (Shadow Wolf)

Written by Kathryn Lasky

Reviewed by TB (age 10)

Faolan finds an abandoned wolf pup left out to die by the obea of her clan. Faolan also enters the Gandrgnae. Also is blamed for the murder of the wolf pup. Read the book to find out what Faolan does to help the wolf pup,-- if he goes to the watch, and if he is proven innocent for the murder the wolf pup. He is nipped at, and head butted in the ribs and is considered as moon rot. But he still stands strong.

This book was interesting because it tells about carters helping each other. The author helped me understand and the pictures of what were happening in the story helped by giving enough detail. What I didnít like was when Faolan was blamed for the murder the wolf pup. What I did like about the book is when Faolan helps the wolf pup. This book was worth reading because it has a lot of details and ideas.

I thank 4th-6th should read this book because the book level is 5.2-5.6 so this is a good book even for 4th graders. It is talking about a young wolf named Faolan which means gift from the river. This book was worth reading because it has good ideas and alot of details.

TB is a student in Mr. Fulton's 4th-5th Grade Class