A Tree Can Be...

Written by Judy Nayer • Illustrated by Anna Vojtech

Reviewed by Irene M. (age 7) and Jose E. (age 7)

This book is about what you can do on a tree. You can do things like hide, play, rest, and get shade. Birds have a place to nest, flies can fly around them, and birds can stay dry under the leaves. Birds and animals get their food from trees. Trees change year round. We think this book is healthy, restful, and fun. We like it because it tells about natural stuff. It also tells what trees have, like buds and bark. There is a lot of information about trees and things that live on trees. We think the book is nice. We think other people should read this book so they can learn about trees.
Irene M. and Jose E. are students in Mrs. Murray's 2nd Grade Class