Over in the Jungle: A Rain Forest Rhyme

Written by Marianne Berkes • Illustrated by Jeanette Canyon

Reviewed by Serenity R (age 7)

Over in the Jungle is a rhyming book and a counting book. In every page the word of the number is colored. I am not going to tell you at the end what you can do. The artist put good pictures in this book. She used clay instead of markers, crayons or painting.

I love this book because the pictures are amazing. The colors are so beautiful and the pictures are shiny. My favorite part is when the ocelots come because it is a wildcat and I love wildcats! This book made me think that I am in the rain forest.

Read this book! It's fun! It looks cool! It looks real! Just read this book! This book is for everyone.

Serenity R is a student in Mrs. Fox's K-2nd Grade Class