Written by Michael Buckley
Illustrated by Ethen Beavers

Reviewed by Damien D. (age 11)

Do you like action packed stories? Well if you do you should read this book. It is about Jackson Jones becoming a Nerd agent. The Nerds are not what you think they are. Theyíre actually The National Espionage Rescue and Defense Society and they try to save the world.

There are no connections to real life but thatís what makes it a good book. If you like James Bond books like I do then youíll love this. This book has mysteries like in the Indiana Jones stories. There are also fun black and white cartoon like illustrations. The people are weird and interesting at the same time like the characters in Jerry Spinelliís Stargirl.

If you are a reader who likes James Bond type books youíll love this book! Thatís why I like it. This writer gives you cliff hangers every few chapters.

Damien D. is a student in Mrs. McGarvey's 5th Grade Class