Judy Moody Gets Famous!

Written by Megan McDonald
Illustrated by Peter Reynolds

Reviewed by Sara B. (age 9)

Judy Moody is a girl that desperately wants to be famous and she really hates JESSICA FINCH! Jessica Finch wins the school spelling bee and she not only wins a beautiful tiara, but she gets her face and name splashed on the cover of the local newspaper, with the headline ďLocal Girl Becomes Queen BeeĒ! Judy is fiercely jealous and she feels deflated. She "felt about as famous as a pencil." To make matters worse her family has also been in the newspaper. Finally, when her mouse wins a pet contest, she gets on the cover of the newspaper, but only her elbows are in the picture! Judy gets so angry and jealous she tries to find another way to get in the newspaper. Does Judy find a way to get her picture in the newspaper? Read this funny and exciting book to find out.

My favorite part is when Judy fakes finding a pit belonging to George Washington. I loved this book because it teaches you lessons on what is important in life. This book is all drama and adventure and thatís what Judyís all about. This author makes the story feel like it is really happening. I understand how Judy feels. When I got my science question posted in my local newspaper I was so proud and excited. But unlike Judy, my friends and I are lucky, because we all get a chance to be in the newspaper.

I recommend this book to kids who love adventure and drama, lots of drama. This book is 126 pages long, but itís worth it. It is number two in the series. If you like it, then read it, and Iím sure you will love it. This book is probably a good read for kids ages 7-10.

Sara B. is a student in Mrs. Diglio's 3rd Grade Class