The Karate Class Mystery

Written by Elizabeth Levy
Illustrated by Denise Brunkus

Reviewed by AJ R (age 8)

There are three kids in the story. Chip is invisible; Justin reads lips; and Charlene is brave. Together they are Invisible I.N.K. and they solve mysteries. In this mystery Justinís karate belt has gone missing. Now Justin feels nothing is going right at karate. First Charlene washed his belt and put it back. Did Tonya take the belt?

This book is creepy because why would they make Chip invisible? I think it was funny when Charlene spilled orange juice on Justinís belt. It was cool when Chip went into the girlsí locker room spying on the girls when he was naked!

I think this book is for kids over 6 and under 9. This is a good book for kids who like mysteries.

AJ R is a student in Ms. Quindazzi's 3rd Grade Class