Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Written by J.K. Rowling
Illustrated by Mary GrandPre'

Reviewed by Jimmy S (age 9)

This exciting fantasy book is about a boy wizard named Harry and his friends, Ron and Hermione, who are wizards, too. They go to a school named Hogwarts. As soon as they find out somebody is trying to steal the sorcererís stone they want to stop him. They have to pass dangerous things like a giant killer chess set. Will they stop him and get the stone? Read this book to find out.

I like that this book is a little sad. I think it was sad because Hagrid loses his pet dragon. This reminded me of the time I lost my pet chicken. I thought that this book was adventurous. I also thought that this book was cool because it takes place in a big wizard school.

I think that kids 9-13 year olds should read this book. Kids who like magic might like this book.

Jimmy S is a student in Ms. Quindazzi's 3rd Grade Class