Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Written by C.S. Lewis

Reviewed by Usha L. (age 10)

The book Voyage of the Dawn Treader is about three children: Lucy, Edmund and Eustace. It all starts out when Lucy and Edmund go visit their hated cousin Eustace. One day Eustace finds Lucy and Edmund talking about Narnia, a magical world. Suddenly all three of them find themselves on the Dawn Treader, a boat that was sailing on the seas east of Narnia. On board are Lucy and Edmund's friend, King Caspian of Narnia. The Dawn Treader's mission is to sail eastward after the seven lords of Narnia who fled east from Caspian's evil uncle, King Miraz. Once completed, the Dawn Treader shall sail further east for Reepicheep, a talking mouse, who is looking for the utter east - in other words, Aslan's land. The Dawn Treader has an adventure in store for everyone.

I liked this book because it is full of adventure. It unfolds to wicked dragons and hidden lords. It even has what were originally common dwarfs turned into Duffers, then Monopods which got them confused with their old names and finally settled down to Dufflepuds. The story shows colorful words and suspense in every page. The wording is very attractive and it seems very real even though it's fantasy. C.S. Leis must have been almost as good or even better than Thomas Jefferson.

I recommend this book to all who like adventure and action. With never-ending adventures, I believe Narnia tied Harry Potter. Those are some really good books now. So if you like adventure, action, suspense and/or beauty, I have some advice: READ THIS BOOK! I give it rave reviews. Actually I think you should read it no matter what. It's what I'd call a VERY good book.

Taste the magic of fiction in the chronicles of Narnia. I tell you it's in there. What else would you call countless adventures?

Usha L. is a student in Mr. Lee's 5th Grade Class