Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Lightning Theif

Written by Rick Riordan

Reviewed by Kellsie S (age 8)

This amazing Greek myth is about a twelve-year-old, half-blood boy named Percy Jackson. He was told by his Latin teacher Mr. Chiron (his favorite teacher) to go on a quest to stop Zeus. Zeus thinks that Poseidon’s son also Percy Jackson stole the lightning bolt. Read to find out more about what happens next in this first book of the Percy Jackson series!

This book is adventurous because Percy Jackson, Annabeth and Grover go on this dangerous quest to find the lightning bolt and to save Percy Jackson’s mother, Sally Jackson. Percy Jackson reminds me of my dad because they’re both funny, brave and smart. Percy’s life is like my life because the Minotaur squeezed Percy mom’s neck and she disappeared. That reminds me of when my dad went to China and I thought he disappeared.

I recommend this book to kids who are in second grade through ninth grade. They should read this book because it’s exciting and it also feels dangerous.

Kellsie S is a student in Ms. Quindazzi's 3rd Grade Class