The Ink Drinker

Written by Eric Sanvoisin • Illustrated by Martin Matje

Reviewed by Natalie W. (age 10)

The Ink Drinker illustration will appear here.

Have you ever heard of The Ink Drinker? Its about a boy who started summer break and he spends it by going to his dadís library. His dad made him go and its horrible for him because he hates reading. But he still has to go, so what he does is he spies on customers that come into the library. He sees one very mysterious customer. After that customer left, the boy picked up the book he had read and he opened it and there were no words! If you want to know the rest you better read The Ink Drinker.

I liked The Ink Drinker because it was mysterious and scary. There was one character that I found very interesting: the Ink Drinker. Why? Because he drank ink. Donít you think thatís kind of interesting? There was one character that changed a lot in this story: the little boy.

I definitely recommend this book because its awesome, scary, mysterious and fun. I hope who ever reads it loves it. I think a reader who would love this book would be someone who likes mysteries and scary stories. It would interest readers to find out about how the Ink Drinker lives. This book is really spectacular!

Natalie W. is a student in Mrs. Meziere's K-4th Grade Book Club