Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls - Glitter Girls and the Great Fake Out

Written by Meg Cabot

Reviewed by Shula H. (age 10)

Allie is really exited about her friend Ericaís older sisterís baton twirling competition. When Allie asks her mom if she can go, her mom says that Allie already said she would go to snobby, bossy, rich, Brittany Hauserís Birthday Party. Actually, Allieís Mom said Allie would go without asking Allie. Allie chooses to go to the birthday party, which includes a limo and a trip to Glittery. Brittany is being bossy and snobby as usual. Allie learns itís who you are with, not what youíre doing.

This was a great book! I really enjoyed it because it has an important lesson. The other Allie Finkle books also have important lessons, but this one was about bullying and the way Meg Cabot gives it is very creative.

I would recommend this book because it is unique and funny. It is also fun because once in a while one of Allieís rules comes up, and the rules are a mix of funny, important, crazy, awesome, or weird. I would recommend this book to girls in 2nd to 4th Grade.

Shula H. is a student in Mrs. Meziere's K-4th Grade Book Club