Pizza for Everyone

Written by Kevin B adger

Reviewed by Petter P (age 7)

The book is about people making pizza and how you make pizza and different kinds of pizza. A long time ago people made pizza. It was a flat round bread. Pizza has crust and you put tomato sauce in it. Some people make pizza by throwing the dough in the air. Some people even make fruit pizza. What kind of pizza is your favorite?

I like pizza but the pictures donít make me feel like eating it. I donít like fruits in my pizza, it makes me throw up. And I like chicken pizza. My favorite is chicken and pepperoni. I learned that pepperoni is spicy. Pizzas are made in North America, Japan and Australia. The first pizza was made in Italy. It was flat bread and was round and had a thick crust. I wouldnít eat it. It's yucky because it had no chicken.

I recommend this book to the people who like fruit pizza because people make fruit pizza in the book and they will be smacking their lips. I hate that they donít put chicken pizza in the book. I recommend the book to Brian because I think he would like fruit pizza. I donít recommend this book to people who donít like fruit pizza because the pictures of fruit pizza are so nasty.

Petter P is a member in New York Cares/Island School Reading Club's Spring 2011 (2010-2011)