The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip

Written by Joanna Cole

Reviewed by BD (age 7)

Have you ever seen a magnet? Some magnets stick on other ones. The kids in Ms. Frizzle's class are learning about electricity. The class goes inside a wire and sees fire and steam. My favorite part is when the boy goes inside a toaster because the boy gets so hot he is sweating. The students go into all kinds of things like lightbulbs, toasters and a power saw to learn how electric tools work.

I like this book because Ms. Frizzle's students are learning about science which is my favorite thing to study in school. My favorite part was when Ms. Frizzle turned on the fan and the boy's hair blew all around. I thought the illustrations were super because they gave me lots of details.

I recommend this book because it is filled with science information and facts. I think students who want to learn more about electricity will like reading this realistic fiction story.

BD is a student in Mr. Fulton's 2nd Grade Class