Magic Tree House: Winter of the Ice Wizard

Written by Mary Osborne Pope

Reviewed by Tamara (age 8)

Do you like the Magic Tree House books? Get ready for Winter of the Ice Wizard!It is about a nice wizard who lives in an ice castle. He is missing an eye and he wears an eye patch. Jack and Annie have to find his eye by midnight.

I like Annie because she is always ready for adventures, just like me. This book is part of a series and all the Magic Tree House books start at the tree-house. This book takes you to a wintery place. I liked that because I like winter. I like to go ice skating, which Jack and Annie get to do in the story.

I recommend this book to children of all ages. It has a great adventure in it and it is exciting. The author makes you feel like you are in the story.

Tamara is a student in Book Club 1