Thousand Dollar Fish

Written by Paul Hutchens

Reviewed by Eli R. (age 8)

Once there were some kids from Sugar Creek. They were in a club called the Sugar Creek Gang. One time there were some guys who hid $1000.00. Everyone tried to find the money. They people hid the money in a fish. The Sugar Creek Gang found the money.

I like this book because the characters are interesting. I like the mysterious way the characters act. For example, when the Sugar Creek Gang found the fish under the dirt, they acted mysteriously surprised. I think the characters in the book are cool. I think the book is very confusing, but funny. It went from one person talking to somebody else taking, and that made it confusing. I think Iíd like to read more Sugar Creek Gang books. Iíve already checked out two more from the library.

I recommend this book because it fits me. I like mysteries and money. I think other people should read it because itís a very good book Ė it was mysterious and funny. I donít think anyone shouldnít read it. I think one way it would fit my friend Charles is because he and the book are funny.

Eli R. is a student in Ms. G.'s 2nd Grade Class