Written by Darleen Bailey Beard
Illustrated by Nancy Carpenter

Reviewed by Seth W. (age 11)

This story is about a family. The family includes Nat, his sister Lucille, and Mama. They also have a neighbor named Mr. Lyle. The family was enjoying activities outside using their imagination and enjoying the beautiful weather. After awhile they felt a few raindrops. Ths was followed by thunderstorm & hail.This is when they know a storm was underway and a possible tornado might be coming. Read this book to learn about the adventure of how these 2 children dealt with a tornado and how scary it could be.

I thought the book was good. It was exciting when they saw the tail of the twister. I like twisters! The pictures were nicely done in chalk. The book got me thinking where to hide if a tornado came to my home.

I recommend this book to learn about twisters when they come you will know what to do.

Seth W. is a student in Ms. Harris' 3rd-5th Grade Class