Written by Darleen Bailey Beard
Illustrated by Nancy Carpenter

Reviewed by Ms. Harris' 3rd-5th Grade Class

This story is about a family (Lucille, Nat, Mama) and their neighbor, Mr. Lyle. One summer day Lucille and Nat are using their imaginations...acting like kings and queens. Mama is hanging clothes on the clothesline. All of a sudden a tornado comes. What happens next? Well, you will have to read this book and find out!

I like this book because there are tons of illustrations! I love that the illustrator used all the space that she could. The pictures pop right off the page. They go right with the story very well. My favorite part of the story was when Nat and Lucille were entertaining themselves. I remembered when I was little and used my imagination all the time. It reminded me of a book I read because they were both tragic stories. They both got my heart racing.

I recommend this book to kids that like a heart-racing, tragic story.

Ms. Harris' 3rd-5th Grade Class