Dork Diaries

Written by Rachel Renee Russell
Illustrated by Rachel Renee Russell

Reviewed by Penelope K. (age 11)

Nikki was just an ordinary girl at middle school. She has an unusual family. Her father exterminates books, her sister, Brianna is scared of the tooth fairy because of what Nikki told her. Brianna buried her tooth in her back yard to see if it would grow. Nikki told her she was in big trouble with the tooth fairy and the tooth fairy was going to come and pull out all her teeth and make dentures out of them. Now, Nikki doesn't have any privacy because Brianna is afraid to be alone and is with her all the time and her parents bedroom is right next to hers.

Nikki's locker is next to that of the most popular girl in school. Nikki really wants a cell phone, but her mom is not cool enough to buy her one. She tells all the popular girls she has the newest cell phone, but she really only had huge public pay phone. One day it rang and the popular girls heard it. After that day she was known as a loner.

At the end of the story, Nikki finds new friends and wins an art contest. She won a $500 prize and is saving it for art camp. A boy named Brandon who was sort of a dork asked her to be partners for a mitochondria experiment.

I liked this book the way it is. My favorite character is Nikki because she writes interesting things in her diary. My least favorite character is Brianna because she is annoying. I think you should read this book because it tells about everyday things, and turns them into funny adventures.

Penelope K. is a student in Mrs. Okamura's 5th Grade Class