Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Written by Jeff Kinney
Illustrated by Jeff Kinney

Reviewed by Joselyne C. (age 11)

Greg was a teenage boy who lived with his mom, dad and two brothers. He was called Wimpy and he always got into trouble especially with by his big brother. When he is at school, he sits with two girls that he likes. He is smart and really nice, but when he gets home, he is very mean.

People are mean to Greg, especially his brother. He kept getting Greg into trouble. Pretty soon, Greg got used to it and didn't mind anymore. In return, he makes fun of his older brother.

I would not have changed anything in the story. I like this story because it has comical pictures. Greg is a funny character, but the dad is my least favorite character because he's hardly in the story at all.

This story reminds me of the fights I have with my sister. I think people should read this story because it is funny, interesting, and has great pictures.

Joselyne C. is a student in Mrs. Okamura's 5th Grade Class