How to Draw Wyoming's Sights and Symbols

Written by Melody S. Mis

Reviewed by Caleb M. (age 8)

This story tells you how to draw stuff you could see in Wyoming. It shows you how to draw a map. It also shows you how to draw the cottonwood tree, the state seal, a geyser, and lots of other things. It tells you how to draw each picture one step at a time. It also gives you facts about Wyoming. Every time it shows you how to draw something, it gives you facts and pictures. I like this book because I like art. My favorite thing to draw in this book is the capitol building. This book is unique because it teaches kids how to draw stuff that they may see in other states. Itís part of a series that shows how to draw things in different states. I would like to recommend this book because I like art. I think people that like to draw would like this book because this book tells you to draw. I think they would like the end where it teaches you to draw the capitol building. Itís like a bunch of rectangles and ovals and different shapes, and I think people really like to draw things like that.
Caleb M. is a student in Ms. G.'s 2nd Grade Class