Never Trust a Cat Who Wears Earrings

Written by Dan Greenburg • Illustrated by Jack E. Davis

Reviewed by Wassim B. (age 6)

Zack was going to the museum with his class and his social studies teacher, Mr. Gatkes. They were talking about Egypt. Then Zack saw a woman and a black cat. The cat scratched him on the arm. One morning, Zack grew pointy ears and whiskers. Zack was changing into a cat with pointy ears and whiskers. Read this book to see what happens to Zack when he is a cat.

My favorite part of the book was when Zack grew pointy ears and whiskers because it was funny and weird. The illustrator did not use any colors. I wish that the pictures were done in color. He only used black and white because he wanted to make the book scary. If I could change into an animal I would like to be a dog because it is my favorite animal.

I recommend this book to readers and audiences that like scary stuff. Other readers would like this book because Zack grew ears and whiskers and they will think that is cool. I would read the other books in the Zak Files series because I think Zack is funny and other readers will think he's funny too.

Wassim B. is a student in Knights of the Literary Round Table