Arthur Tells a Story

Written by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Victoria U. (age 9)

This book is about when Arthur was lying on the couch and he was reading his book called Bionic Bunny. DW came in asked Arthur to tell her a story, but Arthur was too bored. .Arthur was trying to make excuses so he wouldnít have to tell DW a story. But when he was making those excuses he was really telling DW a story and making examples of why he didnít want to tell a story. The excuses he was using were: he wanted to take Pal for a walk; then he was going to climb up a really steep mountain; then they would get burned by a volcano; then they would go to the jungle; and then DW asked, ďAre there going to be any unicorns?Ē But everything that Arthur made up, DW wanted to be there.

I think the story was funny because everything that Arthur was telling DW was really a good story and really funny. Also, he didnít know that he was telling her a story. I think it was mean that Arthur didnít want to tell DW a story. I think some of the excuses Arthur was saying would be very fun, but also dangerous. The volcano was dangerous because they could have got hurt. I think that getting pictures taken by reporters is fun because you get to have fame for fifteen minutes. Also, I think that Arthur should have thought about what Pal was feeling about all of the things he was saying.

I do not recommend this book to people who do not like to tell other people stories. They will not like that Arthur is telling DW a story, because he told her before that he wasnít going to tell her a story and he did anyway. I recommend this book to people who like to tell stories because they would like it. They would like it because he told DW a story. They wouldnít like it because he didnít want to tell her a story. He acted like he was too busy and made up examples why he didnít want to tell DW the story.

Victoria U. is a member in New York Cares/Island School Reading Club's Fun Club (2009-2010)