Arthur to the Rescue

Written by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Roy (age 10)

This book is about a boy named Arthur who wants to play all day, so he gets up and does his chores really fast. Arthur gets dressed really fast. Unfortunately when he calls his friends they all have to do something. Buster has to clean his room. The Brain has to help his mother in an ice cream shop. Francine has to clean her fatherís car. Binky has to weed the garden. Arthurís mother tells him to use his imagination. Arthur started thinkingÖ He imagines he is helping Buster under a hill of clothes. He imagines himself helping Brain plug in the freezer. He imagines himself wrestling an uncontrollable hose. He imagines himself helping Binky free of vines that are tied around him. Even though his friends couldnít play Arthur has had a fun day.

My opinion is Arthur to the Rescue is a good book. Arthur goes into his imagination when heís gloomy and he becomes happy. I like the book because it shows when youíre bored you can do different things to be happy. You donít always have to play with your friends to have fun. I didnít like that his father didnít have time for him. I would be pretty sad if my father couldnít play with me. I like that Arthur pretended to be a super hero and he helped his own friends. I like the pictures because it was more graphic than the old books. We like that instead of Arthur being depressed he tried to have fun and it turned out well. It turned out well because he had fun in his imagination.

I recommend this book to young kids so they no they donít have to play with friends. Young kids can use their imagination. I recommend this to my niece because I want her to like Arthur too. I donít recommend this to adults because I donít think they care about playing. Adults MIGHT like this book but I doubt it.

Roy is a member in New York Cares/Island School Reading Club's Fun Club (2009-2010)