Henry's Freedom Box

Written by Ellen Levine
Illustrated by Kadir Nelson

Reviewed by Tim H. (age 12)

Have you ever been a slave?† Do you know anyone who was a slave?† This book is about a slave named Henry whose master has died and he is now working with his masterís son in a tobacco factory.† He ran away from slavery in a strange way so he could learn about the real world.† Youíll have to read the book to find out.

My favorite part of the book, Henryís Freedom Box, is when Henry didnít want to go to work twisting tobacco in the field.† He poured acid on his hands making it so sore he couldnít go to work.† He heard about the Underground Railroad and how others escaped to become free, and he wanted as a slave to be free. †He had worked as a slave all his life, and now as a man he wanted to be free.†† †

I think that the book is good because it shows how slaves escaped from slavery and how bad they were treated.† Itís sad, but a helpful book. Some pictures are believable and some parts are romantic.† The pictures helped me to understand what Henry was going through as a slave.† I really liked this non-fiction book because it was exciting to read.† I could understand how it really could happen. †

I think ages 8-12 children would like this book.† It is easy to read and fast paced.† If you are a person who likes history you would like this book because it is a true story about the Underground Railroad.† If you enjoy reading about past history and how it affects us today, you should read this book.

Tim H. is a student in Mrs. Price's 6th Grade Class