Written by Deborah and James Howe • Illustrated by Alan Danieil

Reviewed by Cade B. (age 8)

There is a new pet in the Monroe household. It's small and fluffy. It's Bunnicula the vampire bunny! Bunnicula sucks the juices out of vegetables.

I liked the illustrations. There were lots of pictures. They were detailed but had no color. There were pictures of Bunnicula, Chester and Harold. They would have been better with color. I felt excited while reading the book because you never knew what was next. I liked Harold. He was very funny. Once he almost forgot what the word "is" meant. My favorite part was when Chester was pounding a steak on Bunnicula when he was sleeping. When the Monroe's got home he was not done, he got thrown out the door.

I recommend this book to second through fourth grade students because of tough words and the amount of pages. People who like vampire and horror books will like this story.

Cade B. is a student in Mrs. Christiano's 2nd/3rd Grade Class