Beacon Street Girls: Worst Enemies, Best Friends

Written by Annie Bryant

Reviewed by Aliyah R. (age 9)

This book is about four girls who hate each other after a huge lunch disaster on the first day of school. First of all, the girls’ names are Charlotte Ramsey, Maeve Kaplan-Tayer, Katani Summers, and Avery Madden.

Charlotte always has the first day of school disaster curse. She has bad first days of school. At lunchtime at Abigail Adams Junior High, Charlotte zips the tablecloth into her jeans and her lunch partners hate her. Charlotte is horrified when they are assigned to have a sleepover at one of the person’s houses. Worst of all, Charlotte has to have it at her house! Will they ever become friends? Find out in Beacon Street Girls: Worst Enemies, Best Friends.

I like this book because it is about four girls who hate each other, but they might grow on each other. They might just become friends.

I liked Katani because she is so positive all the time. Even though Charlotte and Katani do not get along, Katani still feels sorry for Charlotte when she does such embarrassing things in public.

My favorite part was when Charlotte zips the tablecloth into her jeans. When she stands up, the lunch trays fly everywhere and Charlotte is so embarrassed. I like this part because it has a lot of details in it and it is very funny.

This book reminds me of how my friends and I became friends. At first, we started out disliking each other. Then, we started to play together more and to hang out together. The Beacon Street girls start to do these things, too.

I recommend this book to kids in 3rd through 6th grade. It is about four girls who might just become friends.

Aliyah R. is a student in Mrs. Giammusso and Miss Kobb's 2nd/3rd Grade Class