The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Written by Kate DiCamillo
Illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline

Reviewed by Indira P. (age 10)

Abilene, a little girl, got on a ship with her china doll rabbit, Edward. Two mean boys take Edward and throw him in the air! Finally Edward was not on the ship anymore. Read the book and find out what happens to Edward. In this book Edward life is one big circle.

I liked this book because it is happy, sad, and tearful. My favorite part is when all the different characters find Edward. Edward was snooty at first, but then become good. This book is special because you learn a lesson. It made me think and wonder different things. It is a circular story. The illustrator was really good because he used really different colors that blended really well.

I recommend this book to 4th graders and up. You can learn what can happen to one single china rabbit. I recommend this book to people that like life adventures.

Indira P. is a student in Mrs. Bajczuk's 3rd Grade through 4th Grade Class