Kenny and the Dragon

Written by Tony Diterlizzi • Illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi

Reviewed by Bailey W. (age 7)

Once there was a dragon, a little boy, his parents, a knight, and a bookkeeper. The dragonís name was Graham and the boy is named Kenny. One day, Kenny went to see the bookkeeper, George. Turns out, when he got there George was about to play a game of chess Ė wearing shining armor! Kenny was surprised. Way after that, George and Graham had a big fight, but nobody won and nobody lost, and they all turned out to be friends.

I liked this book because it has not just one mystery but a bunch and I kept on wanting to read more and more and more. I think my friend Kathryn would like to read this book because she is intelligent, like the book! I liked Kenny and Graham because they are main characters. Part of this could happen in real life, but only in medieval times. I think itís cool that they made the dragon live on a tall hill. The book teaches you that you donít judge people by what they look like.

I would recommend that Kathryn should read this book. She is like the book because she is intelligent. She would like the part when George and Graham fight! Itís so cool because I never see people really fighting that much-itís really different.

Bailey W. is a student in Ms. G.'s 2nd Grade Class