Otherwise Known As Sheila The Great

Written by Judy Blume • Illustrated by none

Reviewed by Cassidy R (age 7)

If you like going on vacation, swimming, and more interesting things then this is the book for you! Read Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great. Sheila is a very mysterious person. I think Sheila has a lot of interesting ideas. Sheila told her friend Mouse that she can jump off the big diving board. And if you want to know more interesting things read Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great.

I like this book because Sheila and her family are going to vacation to Tarrytown. My favorite part is when Sheila had a sleepover party because I want to have a sleepover party too. This book reminds me of when I was little and I didnít like dogs. I feel like I want swimming lessons because I love swimming. Sheila is afraid of a lot of things like swimming.

I recommend this book because I think Sheila is interesting. People who would like this book are people who like making friends.

Cassidy R is a student in Annie and Tara's 2nd Grade Class