Mean Jean the Recess Queen

Written by Alexis O'Neill • Illustrated by Laura Huliska

Reviewed by Kharli F. (age 8)

Mean Jean is a really mean student. She pushes kids and mooshes kids. She's mean because she has no friends. One day, a new kid came into town. Her name is Katie Sue and she does everything before Mean Jean. When Katie Sue was playing, she got out her jump rope and says...well, you have to read to find out if they're going to be friends or bully each other.

I enjoyed Mean Jean the Recess Queen because it gave me a strong feeling. I felt sad when I read the part when Mean Jean was mean to the other kids because it's wrong to be mean to other people. My favorite part is when a new kid came to school. Katie Sue doesn't want to get bullied so Katie Sue stood up for herself and she helped the other kids to stand up for themselves. I loved the illustrations because it gave me good details. I learned that it's not good to be a bully. It's best to make friends.

Do you like bully books? Then you should read this book. I would recommend this book to a person who likes happy endings. This book also has interesting language. You will learn that it is not good to be a bully. It's best to make friends.

Kharli F. is a student in Brynne's 2nd Grade Class