Horrible Harry Cracks the Code

Written by Suzy Kline • Illustrated by Frank Remkiewics

Reviewed by Nathaniel P. (age 7)

My bookís name is Horrible Harry Cracks the Code, and the main character is Harry. In this book Harry tries to find out who is the lucky star winner. The winner gets to buy something special at the student store. Harry works very hard to find out who the winner is. Harry thinks finding out is the best prize ever because he likes solving mysteries more than going to the student store. I liked the book because I love Horrible Harry books. Iíve read two of the Horrible Harry books, and I think Iíll probably read more of them because I like them so much. My favorite part of this book was when he solved the mystery because I love when people solve mysteries. Mysteries are just really fun to figure out. I like Harry the best because his name is in the title. I would recommend this book to lots of people because the book has lots of parts in it that lots of different people would like. I think Jake would like the book because he likes adventures. I think Blake and Walker would like the book because thereís a ketchup war and they like battles. I think Ms. G. would like this book because itís funny. I think all those people would like the mystery part of the book where Horrible Harry tries to find out who the lucky star winner is.
Nathaniel P. is a student in Ms. G.'s 2nd Grade Class