When I Was Little - A Four Year-Old's Memoir of Her Youth

Written by Jamie Lee Curtis • Illustrated by Laura Cornell

Reviewed by Victoria A. (age 6) and Isabel H.L. (age 6)

When I Was Little has repetition in it. Repetition is when it keeps repeating and at the end there is a twist. When I was little has a pattern. The first part of the pattern is "When I was little..." then the author tells a story. The second part of the pattern is "Now..." then the author tells a story about when she was older. When the girl was little, she could not do the same things that she can do now. When she was little, she didn?t understand time-out. Now she does. But she doesn?t like it. When she was little, she swam with boys. She still does, but she doesn?t wear floaties. When she was little, she made up words like scoopeeloo. It is funny. Now she makes up songs. When she was little, this little girl could hardly do anything. Now she can do lots of things like braid her own hair, paint her toenails bubble-gum pink, and go to nursery school. She?s not a baby anymore.

We think it is a funny book because she didn?t know that she is a girl. The pictures show a lot of detail. The words show a little bit of detail. We like it a lot. It tells you to be silly and to be bad a little and to be happy a lot. The illustrations are funny on every page. For example, on one page, a dog is swimming and he is wearing sunglasses. Somebody is wearing heavy clothes on the beach. I bet it is very hot in the book. We feel like we are in the book as we read it. The main character is the girl. She does a lot of silly things like when she was a baby, she put toothpaste on her hair. Our favorite part is when she plays monkey. The colorful illustrations make us laugh. When she eats pizza, she makes her name out of pizza cheese. We love to read this book! This book reminds us of when we were little and got into trouble. It made us think about when we were little.

We recommend this book to people who did funny things when they were babies. We recommend this book to toddlers up to 2nd graders. If you want to read a funny book about memories, this is the book for you!

Victoria A. and Isabel H.L. are students in Pam's 1st Grade Class