The Magic School Bus Spins a Web

Written by Joanna Cole • Illustrated by Bruce Degen

Reviewed by Alexander I (age 7)

Have you ever heard of a school bus that’s magic and can turn into a spider? Well, in this book the Magic School Bus went inside a movie and the class learned about three spiders- an Orb, Trapdoor, and Dinopis. Then the Magic School Bus turned into a giant spider! And trapped the praying mantis!

I really like the author's style because the story has a lot of facts, and I learned a lot about spiders. I like the Magic School Bus Spins a Web because in the end the Magic School Bus trapped the giant 50-foot praying mantis! I like it because it was a really awesome adventure- with very colorful illustrations too! My favorite part is when the Magic School Bus turned into a giant spider. It did all it could to trap the 50-foot praying mantis!!! When the General tied up Liz, (the class lizard) to a giant bug trap, the Magic School Bus does what a Dinopis Spider does! Take the trap to the mantis! I think the Magic School Bus is cool and awesome because it can turn into lots and lots of different things!

I recommend this book to someone who likes amazingly cool characters! If you like cool books you’ll definitely like this one. If you like the “Magic School Bus Bakes a Cake”, you’ll definitely love this one!

Alexander I is a student in Lisa's 2nd Grade Class