Mr. Klutz is Nuts!

Written by Dan Gutman • Illustrated by Jim Paillot

Reviewed by Maya M (age 7)

Have you ever seen a principal do all kinds of crazy things? Well, Mr. Klutz does. Mr. Klutz is a principal… not just a regular principal, a crazy one! He kissed a pig! He fell into a bush. He climbed up the flagpole near the school and his leg got stuck in the string! He even pogosticked in a turkey suit. And he let the kids throw Ping-Pong balls at him. The kids are worried he might get hurt. What will the kids do next? What will the principal do next?

Mr. Klutz is really weird. When A.J. went to the principal’s office Mr. Klutz gave him a chocolate bar. Principals don’t usually give kids chocolate bars when they are bad! My favorite part is when Ryan wanted a chocolate bar too, so he did something bad. He put a pin on Miss Daisy’s chair, and when recess was done, Miss Daisy sat on it! Miss Daisy sent Ryan to the principal’s office. After he came back A.J. said, “Did you get a candy bar?” but Ryan said “No.” I like this part because it is very funny and weird. I think Mr. Klutz is weird and all the other teachers are weird too. Miss Daisy is weird because she doesn’t know Math, Reading, Writing, and Arithmatic. Miss Hannah is weird because she has no trashcan. She put A.J.’s snot in a tissue and stuck it on a newspaper ball! That’s gross!

I recommend this book to people that like funny and weird books. If you like this book, you will like all the other books in this series. Here are some other books: Miss Daisy is Crazy, Miss Hannah is Bananas, Miss Small is off the Wall and much more. My favorite one by this author is Miss Holly is Jolly.

Maya M is a student in Lisa's 2nd Grade Class