Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Uranium Unicorns from Uranus

Written by Dav Pilkey • Illustrated by Martin Ontiveros

Reviewed by Dexter S (age 7)

Can you imagine having a best friend that is hard to have fun with? Ricky Ricotta has one! About 1,650 million miles away, Uncle Unicorn is planning something horrible. He is giving Ricky’s Robot a horrible gift. It is a Ladybot that he plans to use to hypnotize Ricky’s robot! What will Ricky do? Read to find out.

I say people who like robot books would like Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot books. I like Martin Ontiveros the illustrator because in the flip-o-rama chapter you flip the pages and it looks like it is moving! I like Dav Pilkey’s Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot vs. the Uranium Unicorns from Uranus because at the end when Uncle Unicorn goes to jail, he says, “Hey this place is getting crowded.” At the amusement park, Ricky has fun on the ferris wheel until his Mighty Robot gets on. When his Mighty Robot jumps on, the ferris wheel stops moving so Ricky gets bored. I have a toy robot at my house and Ricky has a Mighty Robot. My robot has pictures of robot battles and Ricky’s Mighty Robot actually fights. My favorite part is when the Ladybot that is as deadly as a million volcanoes and as big as a mountain, gets defeated by shoelaces tied together! I like it because it’s funny! My other favorite part is when all of the other bad guys are dumping their toxic waste onto Uranus. Uncle Unicorn makes a lot of money for doing it. He plans to take over Earth!

I recommend this book to people who like robot books or movies. I also recommend this book to kids that have a toy robot or a mouse.

Dexter S is a student in Lisa's 2nd Grade Class