King Bidgood's in the Bathtub

Written by Audrey Wood • Illustrated by Don Wood

Reviewed by Stephen S. (age 6) and Rory O. (age 6)

It?s about this king that would never get out of the tub. Everyone tries to make him, but no one can. In the end only one person can. Find out how he did it when you read this book. There is a pattern. Everybody tries to make him get out of the tub. Everybody tries to, but no one can. When they can?t get him out, there?s a pattern that goes with it. For example, when a knight says, "Get out! It?s time to battle!" and "Come in!" cried the King, with a boom, boom, boom." It keeps on going and they do it all in the tub. The Page keeps taking everything that they play with or use out of the tub.

It reminds us of times when we don?t want to get out of the tub. We never want to get out of the tub! Our favorite characters were the Page and the King. The King is Stephen?s favorite because he thinks the King?s voice is funny. He says things with a "boom boom boom" and a "yum yum yum" and a "trout trout trout" and a "jig jig jig." The Page is Rory?s favorite because he says, "Help! Help!" and Rory thinks it?s funny that the Page takes everything out of the tub every time something new goes in the tub. Our favorite part was when they battle in the tub because it looks like the toy people are going to fall off when they?re battling on the ships. Then it looks like the toy people are going to go "boom, boom" and "pow pow."

We recommend this book to kindergartners and first, second, third, and fourth graders because we think they will think it is funny and we think it is funny too.

Stephen S. and Rory O. are students in Pam's 1st Grade Class