The Ugly Duckling, a retelling

Written by Lilian Moore • Illustrated by Daniel San Souci

Reviewed by Ian N. (age 8)

The Ugly Duckling, a retelling illustration will appear here.

It was summer and the country and near the pond a little egg was cracking near the pond. It looked like an ugly duckling. It looked like an ugly duck everybody laughed at it. So one day it ran away. It went in the forest. It saw a crow. It ran to town. It went into a house. The people kicked it out. It grew up and it flew away.

I like the story because it reminds me of me. It makes me think of how my uncle treats me and how I treat him back. I like the way the artist drew the pictures.

I want you to read it because it is different from the other ugly duckling stories. Itís a good book because it has lots of animals. The Ugly duck has lots of adventures.

Ian N. is a student in Ms. Lamparter's Reading Club