Hungry Monsters

Written by Matt Mitter • Illustrated by Jo Brown

Reviewed by Cameron G. (age 5)

This book is about monsters that eat everything around the house. Even gross vegetables too. But I didnít think they were gross because I like those kinds of vegetables.

The book was really good because it had big monster mouths that opened up and you could see what they ate. Not chewed up, just pictures. I liked the part where the monster ate the momís slippers because they were fuzzy and I know he got hairs in his mouth and that would be funny. This book is kind of like my farm animal book except you have to pull on tabs and then different things move. I like books that have moving things in them.

I think everybody will like this book because it has monsters that are very colorful and funny.

(Dictated to Mrs. Dominguez)

Cameron G. is a student in Ms. Dominguez's Reading Club