Charlotte's Web

Written by E.B. White
Illustrated by Garth Williams

Reviewed by Gisselle L. (age 9)

Wilbur was born a runt. Fernís dad was going to kill him. But Fern begged her dad not to. She would take care of him. Her dad let her have Wilbur. When he got bigger he went to live in a barn. Fern visited awhile and then forgot about Wilbur. Wilbur is sad because he has no friends. The animals told Wilbur that the family planned on having him for their Christmas dinner. Wilbur was upset. He then met Charlotte, the spider. Charlotte and Wilbur became friends.

Read the book to find out how Charlotte saved Wilburís life.

I like the book because Wilbur makes a friend named Charlotte. I like my friends and they like me. Friends do things for each other. Wilburís friend saved his life.

My favorite part was when he met Charlotte and that she could help Wilbur. I like how Charlotte could write words in her web. These words helped save Wilburís life.

My favorite character is Fern. I like how she takes care of Wilbur at the beginning of the story.

This story reminds me of my cat. When she had babies she died. That happened to Charlotte, also. I missed my cat, just like Wilbur missed Charlotte.

I recommend this story to all kids who like animals. They will love reading about Wilbur and Charlotteís friendship.

Gisselle L. is a student in Sister Janet's 4th Grade Class