Hey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge?

Written by Jon Scieszka • Illustrated by Adam McCauley

Reviewed by Kendra T. (age 9)

Fred noticed there were a few pieces missing on the Brooklyn Bridge. The book transferred them into the past. Samís sonic would not work for himself. Joe, Sam, and Fred were sitting on the broken bridge. J wanted the sonic to work, "The walk down the foot path to the anchor tower, wasnít like the walk across the river," said Joe. They all stood where they could see the Brooklyn public library. Fred held the book in his hands, his trick worked. They went back to the bridge, the pitcher lobbed his first pitch. They were going boo-yah gone.

I liked this book because it has funny parts in it like when they were playing ball. I like it when Joe calls Sam an idiot. I call my brother that sometimes too! This story reminds me of my brother, he is funny too.

This book should be read from ages 8 to 12. They will be able to understand the words.

Kendra T. is a student in Mrs. Jerome and Mrs. Poitra's 2nd-3rd Grade Class