The King of Show-and-Tell

Written by Abby Klein
Illustrated by John McKinley

Reviewed by Britton B. (age 8)

Do you like funny books? Well, hereís the book for you! Freddy invites his friend Robbie to his house to watch the birds in his tree house, but it isnít there when his friend comes! Freddy wanted to take the bird to show-and-tell. Will Freddy and Robbie find the bird? If they do that should solve the problem. You can find out by reading the book!

I think this book is a great childrenís book. I like the book because itís the type of book that has a surprise. My favorite part is the end because thatís when Freddy becomes the king of show-and-tell. Thatís the best part. There are other books in this series, too.

I recommend this book to you if you like hilarious books. So, I think you should read the entire series. Why? This is the best book Iíve ever read!

Britton B. is a student in Mrs. Jiles' 3rd Grade Class