Franny K. Attack of the 50 ft Cupid

Written by Jim Benton
Illustrated by Jim Benton

Reviewed by Anthony A. (age 9)

Do you like fiction? Then I have a great book for you. Itís called Franny K. Stein Attack of the 50-Ft. Cupid. Franny was home making plans in her mad scientist laboratory. All of a sudden her mom brings her new lab assistant Igor, a dog! Franny got a picture of a cupid on Valentineís Day. Igor presses a button and it makes the cupid come to life. Franny turns herself into a 50-ft. giant and rides her skateboard around the city to stop the cupid from destroying the park.

The characters in the book were good. I thought the author described them well. The illustrations were great because they were amazing to me. When I read the book it was fantastic because I could understand the book and it was interesting to me.

I recommend that all third and second grades should read this book.

Anthony A. is a student in Mrs. Jiles' 3rd Grade Class