Written by Sara Pennypacker • Illustrated by Marla Frazee

Reviewed by Sandy T. (age 8)

This book is about how a girl named Clementine always gets in trouble. Clementine gets in trouble in every little subject! Clementine starts getting in trouble in this story when she cuts off Margaretís hair, which got glue in it! She gets sent to Mrs. Riceís office, who is the principal. Clementine always gets sent to Mrs. Riceís office. Margaretís mom gets super duper mad! Clementine feels guilty and wishes she hadnít cut off Margaretís hair. She was only trying to help! Then Clementine cuts off her own hair and she has to go to Mrs. Riceís office again!

Clementine does not pay attention to the teachers, she loses her homework, and she always wants her mom wear a dress, to be like Margaretís mom, who works in a bank! Clementine gets in a lot of trouble. The only good thing she did in the story was giving Radish, her little brother, a ride in the Wok. Other characters are Margaret, Dad, Mom, Radish (Clementineís little brother) and Mrs. Rice (the principal).

My favorite part is when Clementine cuts off her own hair and her mother screams so loud. This was very funny! The illustrations were also very funny. One showed her doing a hand stand in the principalís office. I loved this book because it reminds me of another book I read called, Ruby Lu, Brave and True. Ruby Lu always gets in trouble and always gets sent to the principalís office.

I recommend this book to people who love funny stories and children who always get in trouble to learn their lesson!

Sandy T. is a member in Page Turners After School Program / Rauschenbusch Center's Page Turners' Book Club (2007-2008)