A to Z Mysteries: The Facon's Feathers

Written by Ron Roy

Reviewed by Chunsi B. (age 9)

Do you like A to Z Mysteries? If you do, I have the perfect book for you! The Falcon's Feathers! This is a book about three kids named Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose. They are visiting a family of falcons. Once they’re there, Josh climbs the tree. The falcons aren’t there! Can they find out who kidnapped the falcons?

I think the book is a great book because it has a lot of action. My favorite part is when Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose find the falcons because I really like falcons. They’re so cute. I like Ruth Rose because she is funny and helpful.

I think 3rd and 2nd graders should read this book because it’s such a great book!!!!

Chunsi B. is a student in Mrs. Jiles' 3rd Grade Class