Third Grade Detectives: The Case of the Sweaty Bank Robber

Written by George E. Stanley
Illustrated by Salvatore Murdocca

Reviewed by Kate D. (age 8)

Do you like mysteries? The third grade detectives solve another one. It's The Case of the Sweaty Bank Robber. The third grade detectives have to figure out who robbed two banks and their principal's safe. But can they figure it out with only one clue and the new mean police chief? Read this book to find out!

I loved this book because it was fun to read. My favorite part was when Mr. Merlin gave the Third Grade Detectives a secret code. I liked this part because it was fun to watch them solve the code and get one step closer to solving the mystery. I found Noelle very interesting because she's brave and when the chief told her she couldn't help, she didn't stop trying.

I recommend this book to 3rd 5th graders because there are some challenging words, but it's still fun to read. So go read it now!

Kate D. is a student in Mrs. Farrell's 3rd Grade Class